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Have you tried our house-made Ice Creams?

Everyone loves ice cream!

Rich, creamy, smooth and sweet that hits all the right spots! Pastry Chef Allison perfected the impeccable recipe used to make our ice cream.

You can count the ice cream base ingredients with your hand - just five simple ingredients - yolks, cream, sugar, milk, and vanilla beans. The cream is the most important part - using 40% heavy cream is the best to give it its creamy texture. Allison mixes all the ingredients together and cooks the base to Nappe consistency - a rich creamy thickness that coats the back of her wooden spoon. After the base is cooked it is then cooled for 24 hours and then spun on premises daily.

Between the Black Bass and the LGS we sell over 100 quarts a week of our ice creams! Vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon are customer favorites, but Allison loves introducing seasonal flavors into the mix too. With autumn just around the corner you can soon expect to see some pumpkin gelato drizzled with caramel sauce popping up on the menu.

Black Bass house-made ice cream - the perfect way to end your meal.

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