Bass Ghostly Lore

Quite a few memorable spirits have appeared or otherwise made their presence known at The Black Bass. Read on if you dare…

Hans is Haunting
In the early 1800s, a group of immigrant workers arrived in Solebury to build the canal. Hans, who owned The Black Bass Hotel at the time, got into a dispute with one of the canal workers, which resulted in his being stabbed to death. The barstool on which he was sitting is still in the Canal Tavern. Some have reported seeing a pool of blood on the Tavern floor, possibly a reminder of his violent death. Others have seen him standing in the corner of the Tavern. He is said to be a large, burly man lurking near the spot where he was murdered.

The Canal Workers
The men who died while working on the canal – either from disease or exhaustion – were placed in a small makeshift morgue off of the Canal Tavern. Their bodies were stored there until a boat made its way down the Delaware to retrieve them. Over the years, this room has been known to have unexplained, rapid drops in temperature. Some have also reported hearing strange sobbing sounds emanating from the area and have experience feelings of being watched.

The Woman in White
Another famous ghost is a woman dressed in white who has been seen both wandering the halls of the Hotel and sitting in a guest room with a pearl-handled revolver in her lap. According to legend, she found her husband and his mistress in one of the guest rooms. Distraught, she killed them and then turned the gun on herself. Guests who have seen her report that her presence is precipitated by the smell of lavender; some also experienced being overcome with sadness.

The Pet Cemetery
Although there are no paranormal events associated with the Pet Cemetery, this remains an endearing spot where Herbie Ward, one of the previous owners, designed a resting place for his beloved deceased pets. The Thompson family, who shares Mr. Ward’s love for animals, continues to maintain and preserve this area. Located across the street at the back of the parking area, the Cemetery is surrounded by stone walls with a small iron gate, beautiful seasonal plantings and twelve headstones.

Employee & Guest Encounters
– Some encounters involve a male presence that only children can see. He is described as an old man with a bushy beard in a dark suit, and inhabits the Pewter Bar area.

– Another specter is that of an old woman. She was seen by an employee and a guest of the hotel while they were in Suite Loraine. Both saw the woman sitting on a chair (that also wasn’t there) staring out the window toward the Delaware River. She reportedly looked at them and then turned her gaze back to the water.

– Guests were checking into the Raven Rock Suite when they encountered a woman sitting on the edge of the bed crying. She looked up at them – her face becoming angry – and then disappeared.

– An employee shared the story of a couple dining in the Lantern Lounge. While seated in front of the fireplace, the female diner saw a man and a woman, dressed in 1800s period clothing, inside the fire! Understandably, she was terrified and asked to be moved.

– The same employee reported an unusual occurrence one night during closing procedures. As she walked through the dining room, she heard footsteps behind her. When she stopped, so did the footsteps. As she resumed walking, the footsteps followed.

– Often employees working in the front office have received phone calls from a room that was not occupied at the time. The staff members stated that there was a slight sound of breathing, then the phone disconnected.

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